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In the words of author Fred Schwed, “The science of economics has reached a point where further confusion is impossible.” Nowhere is this more evident, perhaps, than in the consideration of whether or not individuals should own gold as part of their investment portfolio.

Some say gold is a “barbaric relic” and not an asset at all because it doesn’t produce anything, pays no interest, and offers no dividends.

Others say gold is the best true store of value and a sure protection against the risk of loss of purchasing power inherent in the fiat currencies of the world.

As with most things, it is possible to find vehement opinions at the opposite of extremes. If, having faced this confusing array of input, you’ve made the decision to add physical gold bullion to your own holdings, we invite you to consider the Financial Fitness Bullion

Reserve as your trusted source for:



Competitively priced (meaning low commissioned)

Elegantly packaged

Physical gold. Available for a one-time purchase, or as part of an ongoing accumulation program, or both, Financial Fitness Bullion Reserve products allow you to search no further for trustworthy, real, physical gold. informative and thoughtful content in this section. Each section should answer questions that reveal things like: who you are, what you do, how you’re different from your competition, and more. Use keywords that apply to your industry to help with your SEO – search engines love that! Pair your content with imagery to give readers a visual to associate with what you’re telling them.

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